Marketing with QR Codes

Think about how many people will have a smartphone in their hand, their pocket or their purse when they pick up your brochure / business card or look at your website. Scan the QR Code to the left with your mobile phone and get a special deal that you'll see only with this code.

Not sure how it works? Give us a ring and we'll show you how this can work for your business.

The Process

How the development of your project works

  • .We have an initial meeting with you to understand your business goals, your target market, and your preferences. We establish what your needs are and what will need to be gathered and provided. An outline of your project is important.
  • We start putting a plan in place for your project while you gather your content. You will need to supply all photos (unless prearranged) and all text.
  • We design, programme, configure and implement the content you have provided into your project (website, brochure, etc).
  • we show the results to you once we are happy with it and do any necessary revisions.
  • Site goes live, print material goes to the printer.

What is the best way to proceed?

1. The most important thing you can do is provide a good outline of the site or print material (brochure, flyer etc) which will include the information that your marketing piece will contain.

2. Write content yourself. If you want to use stock photos we can, just let us know.

3. Provide all content in an appropriate digital format and in a final form. text formats are .doc, .txt, or .rtf, image formats for photos include .jpg, .psd, .png, and image formats for logos include .png, .gif, .ai, .tif. Some other formats may work -- ask us.

4. Please respond to my emails as quickly as you can. The entire design process can be held up when I don't have your answer to a question.

6. Try not to request changes in the middle of the website building process. What may seem like a simple change can sometimes involve scrapping and rebuilding a large section of your site.

8. Be sure to tell me your deadlines.

What are the costs

Every business and every project is different.

Cost will be determined once we understand the needs of the client and we will work closely with you to keep within your budget (so please let us know if you have one) because we have a solution for you.

New or redesigned websites can cost as much or as little as you'd care to spend. In general, a higher budget means more time spent on testing, more 'uniqueness', more custom features, and more marketing.

What can you do to keep your costs low?

  • The more we communicate by email, and the less we communicate by phone or meet in person, the lower the price will be. This is because what might take you twenty minutes to explain on the phone, and ten minutes to type will only take me one minute to read. And I type 90WPM.
  • The fewer people in your organization I have to communicate with, the lower the price will be. This is because I'll need to spend less time making sure everyone is in agreement.
  • The more web savvy you are, the lower the price will be. This is because I will not have to spend as much time explaining things