an affordable custom made solution for all your website and graphic needs

Design that's both intelligent and inspired

Intelligent design is about researching, calibrating, and measuring twice before executing – to make sure that the end product not only fits, but performs like a well-oiled machine. With every decision we make, we consider what it means for you - your brand, your budget, your customers, your prospects, your competition and your market.

We have over 25 years of experience in the design industry and we offer unique ideas and solutions whatever the project. We create custom designed websites and Branding solutions and we always deliver the highest quality service regardless of budget.

Website Development



• basic and corporate websites
• e-commerce solutions
• e-newsletters
• social media
• mobile websites
• telephone and email support
• hosting plans
• custom solutions

Website Applications



• content management solutions
• calendars
• latest news
• galleries
• forums
• shopping carts
• custom solutions

Print Design



• Logo development
• stationery
• brochures
• flyers
• packaging design
• signage
• custom solutions


Ask us about our NEW BUSINESS "Starter" package. What you need to get you started!

Basic / Corporate Website

Your website says everything about your business - LITERALLY!

Your website says everything about your business—literally. The right custom web design highlights the important aspects of your business and provides important details to your customers in an appealing and professional way.

When you engage our custom web design service, you can count on us to build on your existing business identity and to convey your message in a fresh and exciting way. We have spent years perfecting the intricate art of custom web design. We’re passionate about creating clean, professional websites that take your business to the next level in online marketing.

Custom designed websites

All our websites are
custom designed to reflect your business image
search engine optimised
built using the latest techniques

Basic Website - Cox Web & Design

Basic Website - contains up to 5 page layouts
Corporate Website - contains up to 10 page layouts

We have a solution to fit your budget

We offer hosting packages and phone / email support for all our clients

CMS - Content Management Solutions

An affordable and easy solution to keep your website up to date at any time.

A Content Management System is an excellent way for you to keep your website current and let your customers know about all the latest news and information for your business.


Content Management Solutions

Edit Content with Live Preview

you can see changes on your site as you make them! No more form based editing.

Manage your SEO

Manage SEO

You can change standard SEO fields, or all of your meta fields. We also keep the revisions in content history

Image resizer

Never Resize Images Again!

Zoom-Crop is your new best friend. You never have to resize images to fit an area on your site again!

Click the video to see for yourself

Our CMS allows for immediate, in-house updates to your website with an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require users to know HTML. Have a look at the video above and see for yourself.

E Commerce

Why not keep your shop open 24/7 and reach the whole world

With such a large percentage of the economy growing purely online its becoming increasingly important and vital to most businesses to invest in an ecommerce website. We have the knowledge in ecommerce website design and can help you get your online business ready to go.

Whether you have 10 products or a million products we have the ability to build you a beautiful, functional and sturdy ecommerce website solution. We do this in 3 stages; planning, building and testing to ensure that your website is the very best it can be.

ecommerce solutions

Full Product Management
Unlimited number of Categories and products
Payment gate integration
Email is automatically dispatched to customer
Email is dispatched to your company

Online shopping cart

wholesale login
newsletter signup
more info on product

Come in and see how it works. You will be surprised at how easy it is to manage an online shop.

Social Media and Media Tools

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.”
-Erik Qualman, Author, Social Marketing

Social Media isn't a fad, it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. If facebook were a country, it would be the THIRD largest in the world...what does that tell you in terms of numbers?

Facebook or Twitter feed

It fits into your current website so that it will work together to help increase your fan base.

Youtube Integration

Video is an easy way to “show” clients what it’s about. Integrate your youtube channel and upload

GOOGLE tools

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

People are talking about your business and you should be part of the conversation

They talk about you on Blogs, Youtube, Trip Advisor, AA, Jasons, Rankers, Facebook, Twitter , Google, Foursquare and anywhere they can!! Be part of the conversation!!

Click the video to see the stats

Based on #1 International Best Selling Socialnomics by Erik Qualman this is the latest in the most watched social media series in the world.

E Newsletter Marketing

Whoever you are and whatever you need, we have an email marketing solution that

Email Marketing is “going social” – are you?

Every email you send is a social marketing opportunity. Send out latest news, media releases, articles, new products and more. Keep in touch with your clients.


E newsletter solutions

Grow and Manage Your Contacts
Create Your Message
Track Your Emails

Send emails to your clients

Send Your Emails
newsletter signup
Add in Social Tools

We custom design templates to match your exhisting branding / website. Look as professional as you can.

Graphic Design

Cox Web & Design (2006) Ltd has the creativity and expertise to help you reach your potential through marketing! We'll deliver exciting graphics, layout and design concepts that won't exceed your budget... just your expectations!

logo design from Cox Web & Design

The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:
Delivering the message clearly
Confirming your credibility
Connecting your target prospects emotionally
Motivating the buyer
Concreting User Loyalty

Print material - brochures, packaging, letterhead, business cardsWe deliver high quality, creative graphic design solutions for your business:
Logo and Identity design
Business cards & stationery
Building & vehicle signage
Newspaper & magazine adverts

'A brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation.' -Lexicon

New Business Starter Package

Starting up a new business can be quite costly. We recognise the fact that costs need to be kept down. We offer a New Business Starter Package that will cover your startup needs at a discounted cost.

Print and Website packages

Package Includes:


Logo Design
Logo Spec Sheet
Logo files ready for Print


Business Card
Flyer or DLE


Basic Website (4 pages of information)
CMS (content management)

Branding Package "only" includes Branding and Collaterol.